Introducing Yarrow!


She is the first of a series of custom dolls that I’m working on this year that I’m calling my “Apothecary Dolls”. Each doll in this series will embody the essence or spirit of a special herb/plant and she'll be named for that plant. As a (wannabe) herbalist, this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for many years and this is the year to make it happen. 💪🏼 Each girl will include a custom dress dyed/tea stained with her plant, as well as an herbal concoction that includes the plant, and some other related goodies 🌿 Each will be different, depending on which plant the doll represents, and each will be made by me in my own home apothecary.  I’m so excited to finally be bringing this idea to fruition and I've had so much fun creating Yarrow! 


Base Doll: Seeking Apelles RBL


Work Done:


🌿 Extensive carving of the mouth, philtrum, and nose. I carved the mouth open and added little teeth inside.  I sculpted the teeth out of polymer clay and glazed them.  

🌿 All new face up and eyelids created with the highest quality artist pastels, watercolor pencils, and airbrush acrylics.  

🌿 She is sealed w/ multiple coats of MSC uv-cut matte.  Back plate signed and dated.

🌿 All new Melacacia eye chips, including a hand painted glass pair and three resin pairs. One pair has real dried yarrow flowers inside!  New lashes.

🌿 Eye mech was altered for a corrected gaze and sleepy eyes.  Custom pull strings and beads.

🌿 She can come on her original Takara body or the Licca Tilt Neck Body as shown in photos.  Please let me know which you'd prefer at the end of her auction.  :)


🌿 Her hair is a soft platinum mohair wig glued to a blank scalp.  It can be washed and styled and removed, but it is meant to stay attached.  Please contact me if you have any questions! 


🌿 She will come dressed in the Melacacia dress set shown, which I hand dyed with Yarrow (the ribbons in her hair are also dyed with Yarrow). 


🌿 She will travel in a new wooden box (unless her original box is preferred, just let me know)


🌿 Also included is a Yarrow Tincture made by me.  It will include information and directions on how it can be used.  The yarrow that I used in this tincture was grown in my own garden, the mother plant was originally and thoughtfully wild harvested from the mountains above our property in the redwoods and now it continues to grow in our garden each year.  This yarrow is from last year's harvest, dried and stored in my home apothecary.  


🌿 I also designed a botanical page for Yarrow that will travel with her.  It may become part of an herbal guide that I have also been working on for some time, but I created this page this week specifically with this girl in mind.  A few other surprise goodies will be included!  <3


Please hover over the images for an enlarged version, so you can see the details of her face, eyes, and teeth more closely! 


**Tutubella Unicorn hat NOT included.  It is just shown as an example of how she looks in a cute hat! :)


There may be small imperfections due to the handmade nature of the doll.  I do not see any visible flaws, but she is not factory perfect, so please be aware of this before bidding.  Her eye mech works flawlessly. 



Domestic: Priority shipping with tracking and insurance for $500. 

International:  Express with tracking and insurance for $500. 

Please contact me if you have a special shipping request.


All of my work comes from a smoke-free, pet-friendly studio in Northern California.

Yarrow ~ Melacacia Custom Blythe Doll




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